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Educational Grow Kits

Dive into the Fascinating Universe of Mushroom Cultivation 


Our mushroom grow kits are designed with age-specific educational materials to make mycology accessible and engaging for everyone, from young children to adults. Each kit is crafted to provide an enriching, age-appropriate educational experience, ensuring learners of all levels can explore the fascinating world of mushrooms.

  • Ages 5-7 (Early Elementary): Our kits for young learners feature simple, engaging activities to introduce the basics of plant biology and care. The materials are highly visual and interactive, focusing on hands-on learning to spark curiosity and excitement.

  • Ages 8-10 (Upper Elementary): For this age group, the kits include more detailed information about mushrooms and their life cycles. Activities are designed to enhance skills in observation, documentation, and basic scientific reasoning, with a blend of interactive and text-based materials.

  • Ages 11-13 (Middle School): These kits delve into more complex biological concepts, such as the role of fungi in ecosystems. They include challenging experiments, detailed observation techniques, and encourage critical thinking and hypothesis testing.

  • Ages 14-18 (High School): High school students get advanced materials covering mycology, environmental science, and practical applications of fungi. The kits promote independent projects and experiments, linking mushroom cultivation to real-world environmental issues.

  • College and Beyond (Post-Secondary Education/Adult Learners): For college students and adult learners, our kits provide comprehensive content on advanced mycological topics, including fungal genetics and bioremediation. The focus is on sophisticated experiments and research, professional development in related fields, and in-depth resources for deeper study. We also offer networking opportunities for community building and ongoing learning in mycology.

Grow Kit Levels

Early Elementary
(Ages 5-7)


Upper Elementary (Ages 8-10)


Middle School (Ages 11-13)


High School (ages 14-18)


College and Beyond (18+)


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